Mallam Law

Our Approach

Mallam Lawyers has a distinctive approach to the provision of legal services.

As part of the TMT sector we use technology extensively.  This enables us to maintain a very cost-effective fee structure.  In technology terms, we walk the talk, operating as a virtual law firm. 

We are innovative.  We will approach a problem from several angles, recognising that all problems have many dimensions, of which the law is only one. We are commercially driven and look to achieve a solution within the commercial and other parameters in which the problem arises.

We believe in accountability.  We are happy to provide regular work-in-progress reports, including weekly updates on fees and other significant issues, at no additional cost.

We believe that we should be great people, as well as great lawyers and consultants.  As well as having cutting edge legal expertise, our practitioners are easy to work with, have a sense of humour and are responsive to client needs.   The people who work with us must have empathy with you.