Mallam Law

Key People

Paul MallamPaul Mallam

Director and Principal, Mallam Lawyers

T 61 418 465 781

Paul Mallam has been one of Australia's leading Telecom/Media/Technology practitioners for 20 years. He has advised on every major legal and commercial development in Australia's TMT sector over the past two decades. Paul is recognised as a leading Australian lawyer in every major legal directory. His key strengths are a combination of cutting edge legal knowledge, a strong focus on overall strategy and lateral solutions, vast commercial and industry experience and very strong empathy with clients and the people with whom he works.

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Other Practitioners

Mallam Lawyers engages other practitioners on a contract basis. This means that we are able to minimize overheads and therefore offer very competitive rates to our clients. We are also able to select practitioners with experience tailored to your needs. Our contracting practitioners have included:

This model permits us to generally charge practitioners at about 60% of the rate, if the same practitioner was offered through a large “bricks-and-mortar” law firm.